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Rooted in Innovation

1944   Founding of the company by the pioneer Rupert Fertinger in Vienna. The production programme was focussed on water heaters (continuous flow) and installation materials.
1952   Commissioning of a pressure casting foundry for drain fittings.
1960   Planning and construction of the new production and administration building in Wolkersdorf.
1980   Takeover of the brass and aluminium forge in Möllersdorf.
1983   Acquisition of a new location in Neusiedl/Zaya and focusing of production in this plant on iron and steel components.
1985   Strategic alignment of the production programme on aluminium-based automotive components: turned and milled parts as well as tube components.
1992   Takeover of the metal goods manufacturer Hermann Mathauer.
1996   Herbert Reininger, who joined the company in 1971 as a production engineer, was appointed as general manager.
2001   Erection and commissioning of a fully automatic production line for air-conditioning tube components with consistent application of robotic solutions.
2002   The second generation of the founding family sells a majority of the company to TAI Beteiligungs- und BeratungsgmbH, which will later merge into Schmid-Schmidsfelden BeteiligungsgmbH in 2006.
2007   Fertinger Armaturen GmbH is founded and takes over the sale of sanitary and bath furnishings.
2012   Relocation of the administration and start of production in the new Wolkersdorf plant in the ecoplus business park.
Rupert Fertinger 1917-1981
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