Environmental Sustainability

From the Very Start

RF has been concerned with sustainability since its founding. Long-term approaches to strategy and quality awareness inform our decisions. The protection of our environment is a central objective that influences all of our operational activities.

RF has established an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 in order to anchor this mentality within company policy. With the certification of this management system, we have elected to subject the quality of our efforts to voluntary external evaluation in order to live up to this responsibility. The organisation itself and the employees are committed to adhering to the following principles:

Starting already in the development of our products and manufacturing processes, we pay attention to compatibility with the environmental requirements and the goal of minimising environmental impact. Conservation of resources in our production processes means the efficient use of energy and materials as well as minimising wastage of raw materials, additives and operating materials.

We employ our experience and technology to optimise our operating processes according to environmental as well as economic perspectives. In our actions, we strive to be not only “state of the art” but rather “one step ahead”: for this reason, we continuously train our employees to enhance their knowledge and skills with respect to environmental aspects and concerns. We capitalise on our culture of cost improvement to rethink the way we meet our environmental responsibilities and make improvements wherever possible.

Environmental Contact

Environmental Contact

Matthias Pappenscheller
Office: +43 2245 3211 127
Mail: m.pappenscheller@fertinger.at

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