We View Diversity as an Opportunity

We are open to other opinions as well as to experiences from other nations and industries. All our employees enjoy equal employment opportunities. In our company, we have no patience for discrimination based on age, disability, family status, gender, culture or national or ethnic background. We seek to improve our solution competence through the diversity of our staff and the global exchange of knowledge.

Age-Appropriate Jobs

We are already preparing for the demographic changes in our society. Fertinger is working on developing and implementing programmes that will permit employees to continue working and creating value at the company for as long as possible. Securing know-how over the long-term is accomplished through detailed succession planning and clear transition rules.

Family-Friendly Organisation

We understand that performance expectations can be a source of stress in coordinating family concerns with daily work requirements. We continuously work to develop flexible solutions to improve the compatibility between family and career.

RF Code of Conduct

We have formulated the fundamental principles for ethical, moral, and legally correct decision-making and the behaviour of employees within our company group in our Code of Conduct. You can find a full version in the DOWNLOADS section.


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