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The connection element in the form of a function-specific automobile battery clamp on the heavy current side of the battery is forged in-house at RF in a fully automated process and further machined to the final geometry. The concluding finishing in the form of tin or nickel coating also takes place in our own electroplating plant, and the parts are then mechanically connected with the corresponding cable sets at renowned Tier 1 companies. Brass is preferably used here at RF as the precursor material, but aluminium and special alloys are also possible.

Stamped cable sockets of the materials copper, brass and bronze represent a further speciality of RF in the area of connectors for current-carrying vehicle parts. The required surface treatments in the form of suitable nickel or tin coating also take place in-house.

All products are developed in cooperation with the customer from the first draft all the way to readiness for series production and are also integrated into component assemblies, if required.

Sales Contact

Sales Contact

DI(FH) Thomas Menitz, MBA
+43 2245 3211 190
Mail: sales@fertinger.at


Development Contact

Development Contact

Roman Brandtner
Office: +43 2245 3211 190
Mail: r.brandtner@fertinger.at

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